Wednesday, June 10, 2009

got some good news and some bad news

Parker Flats Oct 3 2008

Bad news first?
I no longer live at Parker Flats.
the good news.
I live at THE AWARD WINNING Parker Flats.

Parker Flats recieved a Jurors' Special Mention award from the American Institute of Architects, Cincinnati Chapter.
Parker Flats, designed by PDT Design, was honored with Juror's Special Mention at the first annual CORA Residential Design Awards. The Congress of Residential Architecture and AIA Cincinnati recognized the project as excellence in residential design.

Parker Flats Oct 30 2008
Parker Flats Dec 30 2008


Monday, June 08, 2009

Parker Flats plant life

Parker Flats June 7 2009
Parker Flats June 7 2009
Parker Flats June 7 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


AVS Art Gallery

I met Andrew VanSickle just over a year ago year ago, why would I remember something like this, well when you have a diarist blog, its almost like having total recall. I really enjoyed his gallery AVSArt over the last year, Andrew took a lot of risks with his shows which I think were under appreciated in Cincinnati. The AVSArt Gallery lasted just around a year and closed at the end of April, bummer.
But Andrew is pretty insightful and I always enjoyed all the colorful stories he had.
Where is all this going?
I've finally got around to hanging a couple AVS originals in the condo, I can't express just how much we love these two painting. And they look awesome in their new space, whether they stay in these exact spots is still open but for now here they are.
Sherilyn Finn
Weeping Supergirl

how cool is this, the backs all doodled up. I have to ask Andrew about the coke bottle, "pop" art?
Sherilyn FinnWeeping Supergirl
[where:353 west 4th st cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown parker flats condo art avsart

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